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Another life lesson from your dog

Staying in the moment will help your dog and you!

This is an invaluable lesson.

One that every human being should learn.

With all of the things going on in our lives on a daily basis, many people suffer from depression, anxiety, exhaustion and even memory loss due to an overload on the brain.

Humans are great at living in the past and trying to control what will happen in the future.

We carry past hurts and defeats with us sometimes for our entire lives!

We have been conditioned to look ahead to make sure everything is set for our future so that we can live a decent life after retirement.

The only time we do not live in is the present.

This moment, right now.

The moment where our lives are most malleable.

The only moment that we actually have control to do and make the best decisions of our lives.

THIS is where our dogs live and thrive.

They do not hang onto the past.

They do not anticipate the future.

They live in the here and now.

The only action they worry about is reaction.

They react to what is happening here and now.

After it has happened, they let it go.

Because it is now in the past and they are now in a new moment free to react to whatever they need to.

If we learn ANYTHING from our dogs, it should be this lesson...

How to live in the moment.

It is priceless not only because it is life changing, but because it is so freeing.

Practice being present and share your findings


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