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I call my dog, but he never comes

Here's the thing...If you have a dog that doesn't listen, you have to make things worthwhile for them.

If you just say, "Toby, come", how exciting is that?... I wouldn't come either.

If you want your dog to come, when you call them, you have to make it more exciting than what you are calling them away from.

For example, if your dog is playing with another dog and having a good time, but you need to get him so you can leave and not be late for that appointment, you need to do or say something that is going to distract him from playtime.

My dog LOOOOVED going for a ride in the car.

If I needed him to come to me when he was distracted, all I would have to say is "Brando! Wanna go for a ride in the car?" and he would turn around so fast and come running to me.

Did I lie? Yes, but he doesn't know that. Once the leash is on and we start walking, he has already forgotten what I asked him.

Does your dog go nuts for squeaky toys?

Keep a small toy or a squeaker in your poc

ket for when you need his attention.

Does your dog like to chase you? Call his name and start running away and when he gets close to you fall to the ground.

He will most likely come and sniff you. At this point when you start petting and loving on him, slip your fingers under his collar so he doesn't run off again.

Sometimes all you need to do is call their name and crouch down on the ground. A lot of dogs get excited when you come down to their level. Have you ever tried sitting on the floor witho

ut your dog all up in your face to see what's going on?

So, find what your dog loves and use it!!!!

Remember, they won't get butt hurt if you lie to them...that is a human thing, not a dog thing

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