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" I met Lori when she was working at a local daycare facility. At the time I had a 7-year-old dog and a new puppy that attended daycare. Over the past three years, both dogs have needed training for different issues. The older dog needed work on proper leash manners and the puppy had to have instructions for obeying commands. Lori has worked with me on both issues. She has guided me on how to convey my instructions effectively to the dogs by using verbal and nonverbal commands. I realized by not understanding how my dogs communicate I was being very unclear as to what I needed from them.

  Lori opened up a whole new path of communication for us. It is much easier to communicate with your dog as you begin to understand the way your dog thinks. When you can effectively convey what is expected from them it strengthens the bond between you and your dog.

  Now that I understand how to communicate the puppy has developed into a well-mannered adult and I can easily walk both large dogs at the same time!

Both dogs adore Lori and that is also an important component to me. I would highly recommend Lori's expertise and patient help to anyone looking for successful results while producing a loving rapport with their dog."

Henry, Debbie & Abby 

_ Lori opened up a whole new path of com

"I met Lori through a previous dogsitter.


Lori came to our house to meet our dogs, Ian and Effie Sue, and I was impressed with her confidence in handling Effie, who can be an anxious hot mess of a thing.


She also seemed to truly "get" Ian, who was a curmudgeonly old soul.


Lori told us about "canine communication," and my first impression was, "Oh dear. She's going to tell me some New Agey nonsense about how to communicate with my dog on a deeper level." Thankfully, that did not happen, and Lori's approach to communication was practical and easy to implement.

Effie Sue is a pretty insecure dog. She has lacked confidence since she was a puppy, and it has been a lifelong struggle to deal with the annoying habits borne out of her lack of confidence. After implementing some of Lori's suggestions, though, Effie is a bit calmer on pack walks and when meeting new dogs, and she is less barky at the front window, which was her most annoying bad habit.


 I highly recommend Lori. I think she has a solid understanding of dog behavior, but even more so, Lori sees the whole picture, the broader context, and helps pet owners put the pieces we can't see on our own together in ways that benefit dog and human."

Rob & Effie Sue


Larry, Joan & Sadie


Bethany, Djenna & Bella

We adopted Sadie, a strong-willed and smart Labradoodle/Goldendoodle in April 2019.

 She is super friendly, mischievous, energetic, stubborn, and very interested in stealing our shoes, socks, kitchen `towels, etc. 

She was not very interested in listening to our guidance.


 We took her to a series of puppy and dog training classes for most of 2019 and quickly realized that we needed something more than a praise and snack/rewards approach. 

 We needed help in understanding what her motivators were, her games, and what she wanted from us. 

With our frustration evident, a neighbor gave us Lori’s contact information, and we got in touch. 

 When Lori showed up, it was obvious that she could communicate with Sadie in a way that we had not been able to. 

 She immediately got results and gave us strategies for getting Sadie to drop things when requested and leave other items alone. 

  The result has been less chewing, more control by us, an improvement in her loose leash walking behavior, and better interactions with other dogs. 

 Sadie is still quite stubborn and resists coming when called.  But we love her and look forward to further progress with Lori’s help.


Djenna Laine is my 8-year-old dachshund who I adopted when she was 5 years old.

When I first got her she was very hard to control on her walks due to being reactive toward other dogs.
She was also not very nice toward her sister (a chihuahua/terrier mix named Bella).

My goal has always been to get her to be better around her sister and other dogs.

I didn’t really know what to do as I hadn’t had a dog who acted like her before. I did try one trainer when I first adopted Djenna and it helped a tiny bit with her sister but not too much.

I met Lori at one of  Lancaster's pet events in 2019and I liked the fact that she had helped another dog like Djenna.

  Since starting with Lori I have implemented what she has taught me and I am now able to pass most dogs and Djenna doesn't even really notice them.

Everything Lori has helped me with has been pretty easy to incorporate into my life, I just need to be consistent with it.

We are still working with Lori (had to take a break during Covid :()to get Djenna to do even better with other dogs including her sister.

I would definitely recommend Lori if you are looking for a well-behaved dog.

She has been very easy to work with.


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