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This course was created to help you understand the basics of canine behavior and communication. You will start adding communication to the training skills you already have to help your dog start trusting you to take the lead so that you can help them change their behavior.

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The communication Pro course will give you the personal coaching element that will help guide you as you are learning how to communicate with your dog. By adding the coaching element you will have my assistance with troubleshooting your dog's behavior while you are gaining the knowledge of how to communicate with your dog so that behaviors can change.

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The VIP experience will give you full access to me and everything you need to learn to have a pleasant, well-behaved dog that listens and is a joy to be around!

We will spend time learning and growing with each other so that you have someone to help you every step of the way.

We will focus on your unique relationship with your dog and execute a solid plan that will be customized for your unique relationship with your dog.

You will gain the confidence of knowing no matter what circumstance may arise with your dog that you will be able to step in and handle it like it is second nature because it will be!

Time for you to level up!

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For your dog's sanity and YOURS!
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